Episode 70: Glimpses of Success

Explorer holding binoculars They happen in between times where we see nothing but the next step in front of us. You pop your head up, maybe with the help of a an expert point of view, and you see it! There is is, where you want to go!

But you can’t just stand there lolly-gagging… So you get back to work, and try to remember the right direction to get to that place.

In this episode Scott expresses the frustration of having learned what looks like a better way to operate the agency while having to fulfill on the business as it is today. Also, Brecht shares deep thoughts that I can’t recall at the moment… :)


Episode 69: Living Intentionally and Finding a Path

Peak trail

Life happens to us. You grow up, start exerting your independence, push away from your parents and leap into the big world. And it’s friggin big and overwhelming. So you cling to defined paths. Maybe you go to college, maybe you take a job. You unintentionally follow the guideposts and examples around you, trying to […]

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Episode 68: Should I Jump?


You have a job and it’s paying the bills. Maybe it’s even more than paying the bills, you are making really good money! Your family is taken care of, you have good healthcare, all of your kids needs are taken care of, and you have money left over to invest. You can even go out […]

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Episode 67: Spreadsheets FTW!


It’s an oft quoted mantra of bootstrappers… “If you want to find ideas for customs apps to build, find out where businesses use spreadsheets”. On the one hand, spreadhsheets are a gift of the gods when it comes to rapid prototyping. On the other, they often turn into huge festering masses of cross workbook links […]

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Episode 66: Doing the Most Important Things


Each day, everyday, we think up more things to do. Write a blog post, paint the house, clean the bathroom, re-work the sales page, change the colors, add more analytics… When does it stop? It never stops. You are a creator, a thinker, you can see a better way and you can make plans to […]

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Episode 65: Choosing your First Customers


What if you could choose exactly who signed up for your offering? This is something we really screwed up with CRELister when we were launching it last fall. We thought “Everyone in the Austin market should love us”. And when we launched it, we got nothing. Crickets. 600 outbound emails, 10 phone calls, 1 signup. […]

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Episode 64: Go After the 90k+ Businesses that will PAY YOU


Check out this link: https://www.census.gov/econ/smallbus.html Look at that band of companies with 100-500 employees… As a rule of thumb, an average company generates about 100k / employee, at least they did when Scott went to business school in 2002. There are 90 friggin thousand companies in the US with 10M-50M in revenue. These companies can […]

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Episode 63: The Power of Scarcity


This is your last chance! Act before its too late! This offer is never coming back! There are so many variations on this theme, and there’s a reason. Scarcity works. In this episode Brecht reveals some crazy results he got on his launch of the Distressed Pro Academy, and how he’s planning to limit access […]

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Episode 62: Take Smaller Bites


Your mom always told you to take small bites. “You’re gonna choke, you’re making a mess, it’s impolite…” But you, you insolent little kid, you still shoved your mouth so full of the delicious spaghetti carbonara that you could barely chew without spewing pasta all over the table. “Ha ha”, you thought, “I can do […]

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Episode 61: Stress Less


When you’re taking on the world it’s stressful and it can feel like we’re taking on the world every single day when we’re running our own business, maybe raising a family and generally “making it happen”. Stress can feel like it comes from the outside but it doesn’t it comes from how we react to outside circumstances […]

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