Episode 52: We survived Microconf 2014

Brecht and Scott are back from Microconf 2014 and pulled together a quick review of what were the highlights for us. Amazing to meet everyone, so many good ideas, tactics, and guidance. Also a big thank you to Rob Walling and Mike Taber for pulling this group of people together!


  • Annielytics – Great guidance on how to properly use Google Analytics
  • Fizzle.co – non-spammy internet marketing classes
  • Chase Reeves – Funniest guy we met at microconf

Episode 51: Networking Tactics to Maximize Microconf

Microconf is coming up and we’re excited. Brecht shares some networking tactics that worked well for him last year to maximize the value he got from Micronconf. We also give updates on DistressedPro (Brecht’s best month ever, again!) and Scott talks through his struggles with putting some process in place. Mixergy – On Outsourcing with […]

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Episode 50: Networking Icebreakers

Brecht and Scott offer some suggestions on conversations starters for people at networking events, specifically Microconf. If these don’t get the conversation started, we don’t know what will… Also updates on Brecht’s DistressedPro products and Scott’s work at Blackfin Media. Stuff: Placeit Smart drug smarts on Caffeine Spinning up local webservers with virtual machines — […]

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Episode 49: Build a Vision for Success

Scott and Brecht catch up on Scott’s work at Blackfin, talk about outsourcing experiences, and talk about the importance of knowing what your vision for success is. Also, Brecht gets a surprise visit from a runaway, and Scott pulls out another half-baked idea that was once the plan for early retirement. Stuff: Momentum Chrome App […]

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Episode 48: Embrace your Headspace

Back after a week’s hiatus, Brecht and Scott review the missed episode from last week, celebrate an epic week with respect to reviews and beer donations, and discuss the value of owning your own mental frameworks and headspace. Perhaps a little abstract of a podcast, but a podcast nonetheless. Stuff: AmazeLaw: CMS for small law […]

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Episode 47: Better than Business Cleavage?!?

Long held as the highest converting genre of retargetting ad, Business Cleavage images have finally been displaced from their leadership position in at least one test, and we are here to share the details! In an extremely short episode of Bootstrapped with Kids, Brecht gives updates on his sales page tuning and testing, and Scott […]

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Episode 46: Structuring a Sales Letter

Brecht tell us how he is structuring the new candidate sales letter for Distressed Pro, and Scott gives an update on GuitarsZone.com. We cover finding your unique differentiators, rooting your product concept in deep, deep pain. We pull out the Half Baked Ideas bag and Scott talks through this first Rails app Wiki-o-meter. Stuff: How […]

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Scaling a Bootstrapped Business Past 1,500 Paying Customers with Ruben Gamez


Call it growth hacking, customer acquisition strategies, or just plain good marketing, Ruben Gamez give us the goods on how he grew Bidsketch from a side project to over 1,500 paying customers. Brecht talks with Ruben about the different techniques he used at different stages of his business, how the strategies evolved, and how he […]

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Episode 45: Get Your Gratitude On

It’s time for an update. What that hell are we doing with a podcast called Bootstrapped with Kids when we aren’t bootstrapping anything together? Brecht and Scott let you in on the the current state of affairs of their partnership. Also Brecht shares they key to pulling himself out of a low energy spot. Stuff: […]

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Bootstrapped Business Ideas with Scott Watermasysk of KickoffLabs


Identifying bootstrapped business ideas can be tough. In this interview, Scott talks to Scott Watermasysk, one of the founders of KickoffLabs about the process Scott and his business partner undertook to find an idea to bootstrap and how they keep in sync on their business priorities. Scott also shares two tips to increase the conversion […]

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