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Brecht bought his first business, a bike shop, at 15. Since then he's started 3 more. He currently owns runs a successful online business which he runs from the road while traveling full time with his wife and kids. He's got a hardcore sales background and a lot of experience in direct response marketing in real estate.

He's been interviewed on Mixergy, Foolish Adventure and Business and Bootstrapping. He spoke at Microconf and speaks locally about entrepreneurship and self funded startups.

Right now he's writing in the third person.

Scott's a dad of two and husband to one, and has as many Ivy League degrees as immediate family members. He's been on the front edge of startups like Newfound Communications and he's managed $50MM+ products for big brand name companies like Bose, LoJack, and Oracle.

He jumped ship from the corporate world in 2014 and today he's running a successful web development agency while figuring out how to transition into selling products.

Each week Scott and I get on the horn and talk business.

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The one with Ruben Gamez where he lays out a scalable content strategy, the same one that's helped him explode his own bootstrapped saas business

The interview with Jordan Sherer where he explains, in detail, how he grew a consumer based PAID saas app to more than 1,100 customers in about 5 months (that's right man)

Like the one with Joanne Wiebe from Copyhackers where she takes us deep into the underbelly of the sales copywriting world and you learn how to do things like get your customers to write your damn sales copy for you.

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