Episode 4: Microconf 2013

After a 6 week hiatus, we’re back and talking about Brecht’s experience at Microconf 2013: tons of good info, good ideas, and most importantly, really great people.

Also, some links Scott was checking out while sadly not attending Microconf:


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  1. says

    Hey Brecht, Hey Scott.
    Love the episode (Didn’t know about the podcast before, but will definitely come back).

    Brecht is right: People who don’t know about MicroConf are crazy.

    And I can totally relate to that impostor feeling. With all the successful business owners around me, I felt like not belonging there. Luckily enough, everyone was so nice and kind to me, which helped a lot.

    Thanks for the interesting talk!


    PS: Because Brecht mentioned that he’s not so familiar with twitter, it might be that he missed the notes I wrote during MicroConf. I have put the link to all notes in the “Website” field.

    • Brecht Polombo says

      THanks for listening!

      Its true… I’m a bit of a dunce when it comes to twitter. FYI I really only use @brechtify I found there’s not much return on the efforts in the real estate space on twitter @distressedpro

  2. says

    Hi Brecht, Awesome podcast. Your talk at MicroConf was one of the best. I will check out Christoph’s page to see if you r slides are posted there. Please reply to my email and I would like to stay in touch via email as well. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  3. says

    Brecht and Scott, Great job on the podcast! I’m now through almost all of them and loving it. I wanted to comment on this one because; Brecht, great summary of Microconf and congrats on the talk, I heard that it was a great one! I am dying to go, maybe I’ll be able to make it happen next year. And Scott, thanks for the tip on askmeevery. Just signed up today and wish I’d found it sooner. Keep up the great work guys!


    • syewell says

      Thanks Nick, and thanks for listening! I’m planning on going to Microconf next year too, so hopefully see you there!


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